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When possible we only use only locally grown ingredients and organic products


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Mr. Souvla was raised in the family restaurant in Houston, Texas. His mother and step-father opened the first casual Greek café in Houston back in the 70’s. They found that Texas ranchers were at first skeptical about eating Greek food especially lamb, since most if not all ranchers weren’t fans of the animal mostly for ruining the cow pastures.  But eventually they warmed up to the concept and became loyal customers for years to come.  He remembers his step-father once told a rancher that the meal he was enjoying was lamb and the rancher became irate saying, in a thick Texas drawl “y'all know this is cattle country, we ain’t too particular to lamb.”  Mr Tom, as I called him, ate there 3 times a week for years to come.

Mr. Souvla’s mother was born in the back of her father's restaurant just outside Athens, Greece on Christmas Day, 1937.  Most of our recipes she learned in her father's kitchen; the rest, her husband and sons invented. Cleanliness is what she has always been most strict about. Everyone who works in her restaurant is constantly cleaning; as soon as the staff finishes mopping the floors, they start again. Customers have complained that her restaurant sometimes smells like Pine-Sol. So if you smell Pine-Sol you know Mama’s been here.

Our food is simpler than other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods. Simple is what always turns people on. Its country cuisine; its home cooking developed to satisfy and satiate and make people feel comfortable and that they've had an experience -- as opposed to fine dining, which is more with the artistic flair and the inspiration and creativity and all that. We offer you “comfort foods” as our mothers and grandmothers taught us. 

We serve our valued customers efficiently at our counter where they can order their food and know that it is made to order. It takes about 20 minutes once for an order to be prepared, but it will be well worth the wait...we know you will agree with each savory bite.

Our kitchen is open and spotless.  We pride ourselves in letting our diners know that each entrée is cooked fresh and in a clean environment.

Our dishes are prepared with locally grown ingredients when possible. We use prime meats, free-range chickens, zero trans-fats..

We serve on eco-friendly paper plates, and all our dishes can be made to take home. Call ahead or order at the counter with our friendly counter servers and we bet you’ll agree there’s no finer Greek food in town.

We cook to order = you wait !!!! (but not to long)